Marcela Olate

She studied dance at the Universidad ARCIS Chile and works in the fields of performance and artistic collaboration in cultural actions. Over the past ten years she has been part of various projects such as the artist collective Arte La Vitrina, where she worked as a performer, artistic collaborator and manager. In 2012 she directed “De la Seña a la Traza”, in 2016 she developed the work “Una Imagen” together with Daniela Marini and Javiera Sanhueza and in collaboration with the collective La Vitrina. She is part of the management team of Libro de la Danza Chilena, an active member of Danza Sur network and develops independent dance projects as director, manager and producer.

Since 2015 she has been part of the curatorial team of VeiculoSUR and is responsible for the management and production of the residency in Chile.